A podcast dedicated to provide a sounding board and an open safe space for people to carry on discussions about difficult and challenging subjects


A web series showcasing founders in the Maritimes who are
building startups that compete on a global level.


 Sarah & Roy’s Skinfix Story


Helping show the power of a Wish


(1) The first frame of a video edit. (2) Having relevance or pertinence.

In-Point Media is a full service media production company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We provide videography, editing and audio recording services. We are fully mobile and are able to provide services throughout the Maritimes.

Our work has been locally and nationally broadcast, and our first independent documentary has been viewed worldwide.


We’ll work with you from the first stages of your project and help develop your creative ideas.


We’ll turn those creative ideas into a reality with full service video & media production.


Whether it’s online, broadcast or DVD, we’ll get your project delivered on time and on budget.

Shift for Brains (say it fast!) is a podcast dedicated to provide a sounding board and an open safe space for people to carry on discussions about difficult and challenging subjects.  It is hoped that these conversations will result in shifts to our thinking that will eventually lead to healthy shifts in our society and culture. Shift for Brains is a podcast for those of us who want to move from our society from apathy to empathy and hype to hope.

Shift for Brains is a creative endeavour from ARC, produced by In-Point Media and hosted by Bill Carr.

Ignite the Maritimes is a web series created by Nova Scotian entrepreneur David Howe. In-Point Media is proud to join David on his journey to tell stories of founders in the Maritimes, who are building startups that compete on a global level.

You can watch episodes of Ignite the Maritimes on the official website.


We are proud to work with Skinfix, providing video production & animation services. We have worked on several marketing projects for the company including Sarah & Roy’s Skinfix Story, highlighting their Gentle Collection.

We have been working with the Atlantic Provinces chapter of Make-A-Wish since 2011 helping show the power of a Wish. Our work with Make-A-Wish includes a nationally broadcast PSA, and our most recent video, in partnership with their Kansas chapter, showcases 17-year-old Evan’s wish to visit Oak Island in Nova Scotia.







Julie has an incredible eye for creativity making her projects innovative and catchy. Her professionalism has been demonstrated by her ability to be resourceful and goes above and beyond to meet deadlines. Her passion, attention to detail and dedication are shown in her commitment to her clients. Any company should consider themselves extremely lucky to work with her.

Make-A-Wish Atlantic Provinces Canada

In-Point Media has been my ‘go-to’ video production company for a number of years now. She gets me. She works out what I want before I do. That’s rare. I urge you to use In-Point Media…unless she’s busy with a project for me, in which case ‘back off!’

Off The Leash Creative

Julie Guy at In-Point Media is a consummate professional. When we outlined to her our video production needs, she assured us she could provide the right services, but it was her willingness to go above and beyond the expected standard that made her great to work with. We gave her our ideas and she made them better than we envisioned. And where we had no ideas, Julie filled in the blanks.

Halifax Port Authority




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